Our Story

It all starts in 2012… A wine grower with no land, Simon join forces with family and friends to create « Vignobles de Pyrénaïa », at the very bottom of the Jurançon hillside, in Mazères-Lezons.

Only one leitmotiv : produce wine from the Pyrenees, wines that bring loved ones together to share and enjoy the taste.

With no vinyards nor « Château », he transforms a body repair workshop into a wine storehouse where wines can grow gently and slowly. Through contacts and networking, he begins working closely with local wine growers to collect high quality grapes from the best soils.

The entire production is converted into wine, fermented and bottled.
The Pyrenees foothills provide a large variety of soils/land largely unknown and every day is a step in a new direction

What are their wines though ? CAP A CAP, Cairn, Estive (red wine) and Or Pailleur (sweet white wine)… lovely names highlighting the region and its treasures!

Our Values

Harvest selected grapes from our Pyrenean terroirs, vinify them with passion and make wines that bring people together, sources of sharing and pleasure.

The Pyrenean Piedmont offers a formidable patchwork of terroirs that are all too often misunderstood, and we strive every day to make the most of them.

Our wines: So as not to lose the CAP (A CAP), the Cairn by the side of the road, for a change of air, the Estive in red, and to bask in the taste buds, the Or Pailleur, and the Bulle for "se la péter"!